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We Are Filmmakers. We Are Storytellers. We Are Edify.

Meet Our Team

Eric Frank - Director of Business Development at Edify Multimedia Group

Eric Frank

Director of Business Development

Video Production Guru, Director, Editor, Set Designer, Lighting Mastermind, Expert Interviewer...

Dale Ouellette - Director of Online Media at Edify Multimedia Group

Dale Ouellette

Director of Online Media

Streaming Media Expert, Live Event Producer, Videographer, Editor, Web Surfer, TV Junkie...

Dave Mackey - Director of Creative Services at Edify Multimedia Group

Dave Mackey

Director of Creative Services

Mild-Mannered Idea Generator, Commercial Producer/Director, Videographer, Editor, Author..

Our Passion For Media Shows In Every Project

At our core, we are a team of directors, editors, videographers, and project managers; each contributing a unique skill to a production team that is sharply focused on the success of each media project. Our technical expertise, personalized service model, and commitment to clients is obvious in everything we do.

Whatever your communications needs may be: broadcast commercials, multi-camera live video production, website videos, live webcasting, or corporate communications, we are ready to meet your unique challenges.

  • OUTSTANDING SERVICE - Our producers will work with you to develop a program that will accomplish your business objectives. Our team of nationally recognized videographers, editors and lighting professionals will work diligently until your ideas shine and your objectives are met.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - We utilize top of the line hardware and software and a talented team of professionals to create a custom product for your business that is professionally produced, flawlessly edited, and delivered in accordance with your exact specifications.
  • PROFESSIONAL PRIDE - We take pride in producing quality projects at a reasonable price, and always on time. We strive to be the media partner of choice for every business we work with.

How Can Video and Webcasting Help Your Business?

Edify Provides a Full Range of Multimedia Services

Production Management

There's no shortcut to a quality production, and it all begins with planning. Every project is organized into three phases; pre-production, production, and post-production. We prepare each project for success, regardless of scope or budget.


We understand that some media projects require a unique approach. Cinematography can help emphasize the dramatic and emotional nature of a story and often makes the difference between a piece feeling like video, or feeling like a movie.

On-Demand & Streaming

On-demand and streaming media solutions save on travel expenses and allow organizations to reach a greater audience than ever before. Our technicians help businesses to expand their audiences and generate additional revenue every day.

Post Production

Everyone at Edify is an accomplished editor. Over the years, we've logged thousands of editing hours on hundreds of media projects. We use the latest in non-linear editing software to achieve the look you want.

Script Writing

We're storytellers at heart. Our team features talented writers with plenty of creative ideas. We work with our clients to help craft their ideas into working scripts that get their message across in a way they can be proud of.

Professional Lighting

Professional lighting has a tremendous impact on the look and feel of a video; separating the professional from the amateur. We are experts at seeing things in the right light, because we are experts at lighting those things.

Motion Graphics & Design

Many of today's videos incorporate motion graphics and graphic design elements to achieve a more professional look. Our skilled designers and compositors are capable of turning your design vision into reality.

Creative Services

We are creative people with award-winning ideas. Humor, drama, mystery, and suspense all have their place in the world of video and we pride ourselves in being able to offer our clients projects that span these genres.

Audio Engineering

Audio accounts for half of the feel of any video. The right music, ambient sounds, audio effects, and natural sounding dialog will create a sense of emotional depth and character while keeping the audience engaged.

Why Choose Edify?

Engaging storytelling, attention to detail, and astounding visuals set us apart from other video companies. From concept to execution,
our full-service media production company is dedicated to helping our clients break the mold and reinvigorate their brand.