We just finished a disaster simulation project with the Emergency Management department at Southern New Hampshire Health System. For this video project, we had a three man crew working in tandem with Hospital and Emergency Response teams, to film a simulated helicopter crash.

Nashua NH is fortunate that Southern NH Medical Center has a helicopter and helipad in order to better provide emergency transportation when the situation calls for it. SNHMC recognizes the need to prepare for all eventualities and developed this emergency scenario in order to measure and improve response efficiency.

One of the most challenging aspects of this film project was working with so many individuals across different locations, all in real time. Filming began with the simulated crash, focusing on responders and "victims", and followed them through triage and treatment, to the medical transports, and on to the hospital room. We also filmed the briefing which took place before and after the simulation.

This is a fantastic example of how video can be used for training purposes. Not only will the emergency management teams be able to use the film for review and improvement, but the video itself becomes a valuable training tool for future employees and serves to educate the public about safety activities within the Southern NH Medical System.

A huge "Thank You!" to all the great people at Southern NH Medical and all the Nashua First Responders for making this project a success!

Watch the finished video at the SNHMC YouTube channel:
Drill: Helicopter Crash on Helipad