Making videos for business shouldn't be viewed as some sort of magic performed with mirrors under the cover of smoke. We've put together a few simple video interviewing techniques that will help to showcase you at your best... no magic required.

Videos that showcase your organization on the web should portray you and your business with an authenticity that makes people want to learn more about what you do, and the manner in which you do it.

Video is a uniquely personal medium. Whether you are making a corporate video to explain what you company does, or trying to educate your customers about a specific service you offer, remember to keep it personal. The people you are trying to reach will respond more positively to a company that isn't afraid to show the personal side of their business. Simply put, people like doing business with people they like; and they will like you more if you let them get to know you on a more personal level.

Consider your video as a conversation between you and your customer, rather than a series of connected sales talking points. No customer wants to be talked at or sold to, but they do want to be educated and informed. Empower your customers with knowledge that helps them in their business, while educating them about your services, serves both interests at the same time.

Include key members of your team in your video. This type of interview allows your company to speak about what you do in a manner that is genuine and natural. By recording the conversation with the guidance of a skillful interviewer, this video technique will leverage one of video's greatest strengths...the ability to make your audience feel that they are part of the conversation.

Being interviewed by a knowledgeable professional from outside your organization can bring a fresh perspective to what you to. Because they are not involved in your day-to-day affairs, they can often better align your message with the mind-set of your customer.

Choose a setting that is comfortable (not too stiff or formal), and represent yourself in way that is appropriate for your client base. For instance, if you are selling to CFO's you will need to consider how your wardrobe and setting should be different then if you are selling directly to consumers. A skilled video interviewer will help set the right atmosphere for your audience.

No matter what setting you choose, remember to be genuine in your approach, and trust the skills of a knowledgeable interviewer. By presenting yourself professionally, while allowing yourself to be comfortable in front of the camera, you can be sure that you are using video to its best advantage.

You can view some examples of company interview videos that Edify has developed on our portfolio page.