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Television Commercials

TV Spots Are Within Your Reach

No doubt about it, producing TV commercials is one of our core services. There's a look, feel, and a flow to creating a spot that is both memorable and effective. And there are reasons why "local" commercials look local, and "national" commercials look national.

High quality television commercials begin with a superior production process. Our team of experts will help with every aspect of your project from pre-production and scriptwriting, to casting, music and graphics. We use professional lighting, camera movement, depth of field, motion graphics, and compelling creative concepts to ensure that your commercial production engages the target audience and motivates them to take action.

At Edify, we work to find the just the right mix that meets each of our clients needs, local or national, and present you with options to meet those need within your budget.

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Commercials For Agency or Direct Business

Agency Services

Advertising agencies, by their very nature, are quality conscious. Clients expect a certain look from their agency, and Edify fits perfectly into the mix. We provide creative direction, concept development, script writing, and storyboarding services to our agencies. When an agency brings in a new client, our juices get flowing and the creative collaboration process begins. We work very closely with our clients to develop and deliver commercials that engage, inform, and WORK!

Non Agency Services

You don't have to be an agency to get our best. We've produced over a thousand commercials for individual businesses and non profit organizations throughout New England. We bring our creative and technical skill-set to all of our projects and work closely with your business to make the process simple and cost effective.

TV Spot Projects

Browse our projects and you will see that our passion for developing high quality media that is creative and professional, is evident in every project we produce.