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Video Production Services

Every Business Needs Video!

In order to thrive in today's competitive business world companies require engaging marketing materials. Videos can be both fun and informational, keeping your audience interested and helping them to remember your message. Edify has the tools and experience to deliver high quality video content that will engage your audience, no matter where they are!

Video Offers Proven Advantages
  • Instills product confidence in consumers.
  • Serves as a cost effective educational and training tool.
  • Strengthens your brand by telling your story in an engaging format.
  • Increases ROI by extending your reach to a broader audience.
  • Affects emotions in a way that can't be achieved in any other format.

Video Benefits Your Website
  • Accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic.
  • Improves Search Engine Optimization and web site ranking.
  • Engages your audience, keeping them on your website longer.
  • Website users are 5x more likely to click on video or photos.

How Can Video Help Your Business?

Industries That Benefit From Video


Whether you're demonstrating a manufacturing process, training a sales force, or educating clients, it's important to show exactly how things work. Video offers a more engaging experience, helping viewers to better understand and remember. We work closely with manufacturing and high-tech companies to understand their business and processes to ensure effective communication with their audience.


The patient always comes first, and we always film medical content with that in mind. We understand the importance of supporting hospitals, medical teams, and medical device companies with quality media. Healthcare professionals use video to educate doctors, patients, and communities about the latest healthcare developments and medical technologies, and to keep markets informed of brand news.

Service Business

Service oriented businesses need to educate their target market, and existing customers, about their products and services. Video will help you engage your audience on the internet and in social media, play a support role in sales demonstrations and promotions, or build brand awareness at trade shows. Create a positive work environment by using video for employee training and work place safety workshops.


Video will help you share your organization's story in a way that will inspire your audience to join your cause. Our team of storytellers will help you raise awareness, connect with donors, and educate the community.


Video is the perfect choice for creating training, recruiting, orientation, and educational content for staff, faculty, students, prospective students, and parents in a format that makes a lasting impression.


Web video has revolutionized the retail sales process. Video helps engage visitors and leads to increased conversions. According to Internet Retailer, visitors that view product videos are 85% more likely to buy.

Video Projects

Browse our projects and you will see that our passion for developing high quality media that is creative and professional, is evident in every project we produce.