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Webcasting - Live Streaming

Webcasting And Live Streaming Are Easy With Edify

If you are not recording your events, corporate communications, and training, you are missing an opportunity. Edify Multimedia Group records content from all levels of your organization then seamlessly delivers it to a select few, or to the entire world. From large events and conferences to small company meetings and presentations, our live streaming, on-demand, & pay- per-view capabilities ensure that you will truly reach your audience.

Live Events

At Edify, we work with our clients to satisfy their needs with efficient, budget conscious, creative solutions for their live events. We handle all elements of production from start to finish, so you can focus on what is important, your message. Our professional crew will provide you with one point of contact for live streaming, management, and support. We work with you, and for you, to make your live event a success.


Training is an essential part of any business. Providing quality training can show employees that their success is important to the success of your business. However, typical leader-lead training can be a costly endeavor. Travel expenses, speaking and appearance fees, facility costs, and other expenses can be prohibitive to the implementation of a quality training program. Webcasting keeps these costs under control while still empowering your employees with the training they desire.

Webcasting with Edify

There Are So Many Advantages To Webcasting and Live Streaming Video

Professional Production

Our team has built a reputation for delivering flawless, multi-camera, full HD live productions. We take the time to ensure that every moment will be seen and heard as it should be.

Customizable Experience

Combine our live webcasting capability with a customized player to deliver a unique experience to your audience. Customize your player and content in order to ensure brand consistency.

Increased ROI

A captured event becomes a resource that can be easily shared now or in the future. Sell access to live sessions or previously recorded content and profit from your archived media.

Audience Engagement

Online audiences will share in the experience as if they were present. Streams and webcasts can allow audience members to write in with questions and receive live answers.

Wider Audiences

Extend your reach to a global audience, allowing everyone to receive the same information, or view the same event at the same time! All your participants need is internet access.

Improved Revenue

Reduce time and effort necessary to market your products and services. Improve sales by engaging more customers, and achieve faster results by increasing employee productivity.


On demand programming can be accessed from virtually anywhere, any time and presenters can deliver from any location with internet access.

Reduced Costs

Webcasting reduces or eliminates event related costs like traveling, lodging, venue rentals, meals and other expenses that add up quickly.

Eco Friendly

The virtual nature of webcasting and streaming media reduces your environmental impact. Every virtual participant is one less person traveling!

Webcast Projects

Browse our projects and you will see that our passion for developing high quality media that is creative and professional, is evident in every project we produce.